SF City Hall Indian Wedding Photography

One of our specialties is San Francisco City Hall wedding photography.  Over the past few years we have photographed a large number of Indian weddings at City Hall.  In many cases, the couple is planning a large Indian wedding at a later time back in India and they just want to have a civil ceremony to make their marriage legal. We have discovered after numerous Indian San Francisco city hall weddings that the colorful attire worn really stands out well against the white and gray marble architecture. In fact, we have always told our city hall brides with white dresses to bring flowers or some sort of colorful accessory to make them stand out more against the neutral backgrounds at city hall. With Indian attire this is obviously not a problem! We are a leading San Francisco city hall photographer with over 500 weddings to our credit. We also have been approved by the Events Department to photograph large weddings and events on weekends and for reserved ceremonies. Reserved ceremonies last 1 hour and take place on the Mayor's Balcony and 4th Floor North Gallery.  If you are interested in seeing more of our San Francisco city hall wedding photography please click www.cityhallphotographer.com 


You can also check out SF City Hall Wedding Photographer by Michael. This is our main city hall site and has tons of useful information about how to get married at this amazing venue.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding city hall weddings especially involving Indian couples.

Wedding Receptions in San Francisco and Beyond

Another very common thing with our Indian Weddings at City Hall is a large wedding reception coverage later.  We know how important this large party is, so even if it occurs at a later date we are more then willing to put together a package for you with discounted pricing.  We want to cover both events and will do what it takes to make it work for you.  Our reception coverage includes 2 wedding photographers and profession room lights to make the lighting perfect for you.

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San Francisco City Hall Indian Wedding Photography 

Indian Wedding Photography

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