Your Indian Wedding Photography Team

Key Points

Creativity and Fun

We take a creative approach to your Indian wedding.  We realize that many of your guests will be taking photos at your event, so we need to do more than just capture the events of the wedding.  We need to provide you with that extra something that will wow you with the final results!  Indian weddings are so much fun, we love shooting them and it shows in our work!

Exceptional Camera Equipment

We use the finest camera equipment available, arriving at each portrait shoot with a Nikon Pro-digital camera (Nikon D4s) and a full set of back up equipment (Nikon D750 and D7200) including flashes, batteries and an amazing collection of some of the finest Nikkor lenses available.  We prefer Prime Lenses for their speed and sharpness, but also have a full collection of Zoom Lenses.  Mike also specializes in San Francisco City Hall wedding photography.  Click on the following link to see some of his best work. .

Local Experience

We have photographed Indian weddings at all of the major Gurdwaras in the Bay Area including Fremont, San Jose, Hayward and Pittsburg. We have been a leading San Francisco wedding photographer for over 22 years. This Experience helps us know where to take our couples for family shots and formals after the wedding.


About Us

Mike  has been a professional wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. Throughout that time period Mike has been exposed to many different cultures and religions while photographing over 1,400 weddings.   One of Mike's specialties is capturing the amazing colors, beauty and traditions of Indian Weddings. Assisted by Toni Bailey, Mike will make sure you receive full and complete coverage of your Indian wedding. Included with be traditional photos, photojournalistic images and all of the candid shots you could possibly want.  We will pay special attention to details shots including all of the decorations, ceremony items and symbolic rituals that make Indian weddings as beautiful as they are.   We try to cover these decorations in an artistic fashion and not just straight on photographs that anyone could take with a cell phone.   We want your details shots to stand out and provide a nice accent to your album. 

SF Bay Area Experience

Loca experience is especially important when it comes to covering Indian weddings.  Why?  Honestly many of the local Gurdwaras and temples provide amazing architecture but not much in the way of outdoor and natural environments.  So if you are San Francisco engaged Indian couple and want some nice outside shots, it is helpful to hire a wedding photographer who knows some great locations and has experience photographing there.  We like to provide our clients with exceptional images in and around the temple AND also some nice outdoor natural images. We also specialize in City Hall Wedding Photography and have photographed a large number of Indian Weddings in San Francisco.

Love of Indian Weddings

Why has Indian wedding photography become one of our major specialties?  If you have been to an Indian wedding, you will know why.  It is all about photography!  In fact, there are so many things to shoot at a typical SF Bay Area wedding that if we were still shooting film, we would probably run out!  The colors, the decorations and the pageantry all lend themselves to photographic coverage.  The other reason is the value placed upon professional wedding photography by Indian couples.  They are more excited and more willing to put the time in to make sure they receive wonderful results.  We love this dedication to our craft!

Meet the team...

Mike - Indian Wedding Photographer


Toni - Indian Wedding Photographer


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